Who’s Who at Elim March

We do not currently have a Pastor, however details of our new pastor will be published as soon as we do.


Steve Bradley                                      

Steve Bradley - Deacon          Deacon (from March 2015)

Kim Butcher                                   

Deacon Kim Butcher        Deacon (from August 2017)

 Church Secretary & Community Events Organiser:             

Debs McClean  

Finance Officer: 

Keith Wilkinson 

"We are also blessed to have a wealth of other people doing jobs and serving God in many varied ways at the church. 

Each and every one is a valued member of the team".

Elim March is an Elim Pentecostal Church & Part of the  Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance.

Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance is a registered charity no. 251549 (England & Wales) SC037754 (Scotland)